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Toronto Loves Fab

November 15, 2013

Toronto is constantly a buzz with all things fabulous.

I often find companies launch products there first and typically if a new business comes to Canada, that’s where they’ll first set up shop.


So it’s with no surprise that I feel the need to take their city by storm.

This prairie tornado has started to touch down in Toronto more often and now I’m armed with a pretty fabulous friend turned local, Megan aka M.Fab, who will be covering the best the city has to offer!

Megan Fab immrfabulous

Toronto has not only welcomed us with open arms, they’ve started to take notice!

Recently I accepted an interview by Embrace Disruption PR who wanted to profile myself and the share the ‘World of Fab’ with their clients.

Ryan aka Mr Fabulous immrfabulous

And I have to say, I was pretty honored!

You can check out all I had to say here.

A definite compliment and an appreciated interview, EDPR!

Thanks for putting us on your radar; we’re excited and looking forward to sharing your T.O lifestyle with the rest of the world!

Mr. Fab disruption


Looking forward to reading your comments!