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GLISS Hair Repair: She Said/She Said

March 30, 2017

Spring is finally here! Time to release the tresses from under those toques we’ve all been sporting around for months: hiding our split ends, lack of body and dull colour.

To keep up with our Spring Cleaning theme, we went searching for the perfect new hair systems for our hair’s spring awakening. But trying to find one single system, perfect for all hair types, is like arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Completely useless.

Our Mlle’s hair is long, thick and can’t make up its mind if its curly or straight. Our M has processed medium length, fine hair. One system will not be perfect for both of us and our polar-opposite hair types.

Luckily, Schwarzkopf’s brand new GLISS Hair Repair line came across our paths with four fab new products suiting both Mlle and M’s hair needs. We loved these products so much, we wanted to each profess our love…in a FAB She Said, She Said!

M says:

My hair resembles a pancake on its best days. Flat. When I was introduced to the new GLISS Extra Volume line, my heart skipped a beat.

Not just claiming ‘volume’ but ‘extra volume’, I needed to give it an immediate go.

Lathering like a damn dream, this line cleans my hair quickly and conditions it to a silky soft with its root lifting and light-weight collagen complex.

My favourite product of the line is the Lift-Up Spray. Applied to damp hair, this adds instant volume to the root, without weighing down my fine hair or making it look greasy.

Mlle says:

Long and complicated. That’s my hair. Some pieces are straight. Some wavy. Others full on curly. Yea, this means that I can never just wash and go. WAH!

Depending on what character I’m playing for work, I have to blow-out, straighten or curl my hair. So you guessed it: my hair takes a BEATING. My locks sorely needed some serious LOVE, so I was delighted to try the GLISS Oil Nutritive & Ultimate Repair lines.

GLISS Oil Nutritive is meant for long hair, which can be prone to split ends. The smell of the shampoo, conditioner and oil are all light and lovely. With ingredients of liquid Keratin and eight beauty oils: Argan, Apricot, Sweet Almond, Macadamia, Olive, Sesame, Safflower & Rose, my hair feels super soft after using the system.

Bonus: the shampoo bottle looks like a giant canary diamond!

My fav is the Oil Nutritive Weightless Oil, which I use not only while my hair is damp before a blow-out, but also as an extra spritz of shine just before I head out the door.

Pssst: I’m scent sensitive and I could actually wear the spray Weightless Oil without getting a headache. Woohoo!

M says:

My natural colour is often referred to as ‘mouse brown’, because of this my life’s mission is to keep it coloured; never revealing it’s natural drabness. This quest for colour means my hair is processed and can be dry. It also means I spend a lot of money on colour and don’t want it to fade out after a few washes!

So the new GLISS Colour Guard line definitely helps a gal like me out.

It promises up to 12 weeks of colour protection, anti-fading, UVA/UVB filters and sheen. The shampoo and conditioner can be paired with the GLISS Colour Guard Express Repair (leave-in) Conditioner for those of you who, like me, need a little more help in the conditioning department.

Sealing in colour and making your hair instantly combable; this spray is worth it.

Mlle says:

True Story: A few weeks ago, I had a meeting with a film director, so I made sure to wash and blow-out my tresses. Near the end of our meeting, out of the blue, she said, “You have beautiful hair. I’ll talk to the Art Director as I’d like your hair to be down”. I giggled on the inside as that was after the FIRST TIME I used GLISS Ultimate Repair.

With 3X Liquid Keratin, Ultimate Repair is all about reconstructing the hair shaft back to full health. My hair is definitely more manageable after using the Ultimate Repair Shampoo, Conditioner & Express Repair Leave-in Conditioner. My ends don’t feel like straw, which can happen due to my excessive use of heated hair tools.

Added bonus: my hair smells faintly of butterscotch. And again, no headaches here!

All that said, the Oil Nutritive Weightless Oil & Ultimate Repair Express Repair Leave-in Conditioner compliments both Hair Repair lines I tried beautifully. Express Repair heals the hair shaft to protect from heat and the Weightless Oil adds nutrition to your hair with the gorgeous beauty oils adding a light shine. Leaving my mane soft & silky; this is a match made in hair heaven!

As you can tell, we loved all four lines we tried, but there is even a fifth hair repair system of Ultra Moisture. Talk about Holy Grail of haircare! All five of the GLISS Hair Repair product lines are now available in Canada and can be easily found at Shoppers Drug Mart. Plus, the entire GLISS line is affordable meaning you’re going to have a gorgeous mane without breaking the bank this Spring!

From adding volume to healing the hair shaft, protecting colour to adding moisture back – GLISS literally has something for every hair type. This Spring, let those locks GLISS-ten!

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