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March 16, 2016

Though I have a skincare brand that I LOVE, I’m always on the look out for innovative beauty products.

And because I’m all about results, I want to avoid skincare plateaus by switching it up with a line that works.

So I was delighted to came across luxury beauty brand BABOR!


Originally developed in Germany by biochemist Dr. Michael Babor, research has been ongoing in the luxury skincare line for 55 years.

Regardless of skin ‘worries’, there is a specialised product for everyone’s type, be it woman or man. And lucky me, I got to sample a variety of new launches to the beauty brand!

My skin is combination and I hate wrinkles. Is there anyone who actually likes the fine lines?!


To start off my skincare regimen, I was given the Refine Cellular Detox Lipo Cleanser. It gently cleansed my skin without making it feel ‘stripped’.

The really interesting thing about this product is that it’s applied to dry skin as it melts on contact. While massaging it in, the balm transforms into a milky micro-emulsion that gently removes impurities from deep pores. I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. Lucas!


Next, to encourage cell turnover for fresh looking skin: the Refine Cellular AHA 10 + 10 Peeling Gel.  A combination of fruit acids and highly effective antioxidants like Vitamin C + thiotaine are used to slough off dead skin cells to reveal your rosy cheeked self.


I DIG this product. After using it, my skin feels awesome and looks bright!

Followed by Boost Cellular Bi-Phase Ampoules.


Beautiful glass containers holding 2 liquid products that when mixed together and then applied to the skin, they fight everything from wrinkles to sagging to uneven skintone to even dryness.


These delicate beauties make me feel like a chemist, in the best way possible. Shake it up, snap off the top and smooth on. Plus, the fresh rosehip scent is divine!

To finish off my Babor regime, the ReVersive Supreme Glow Anti-Aging Cream. MY FAV. The delicate rose petal scent is glorious. Plus, the creamy texture is simply heaven. ADORE.

I only had a taste of the Babor products and I’m intrigued to say the least. I’d love to use the luxury line for a good three months to see the possibility of glowing skin results.

If a Babor fairy godmother is out there, I’m praying for Babor beautiful skin, pretty please!

Mlle Fab octor Babor Fan


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