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P.F. Chang’s

March 14, 2016

When Mr. Fab raved about P.F. Chang’s, I knew that I had to visit the restaurant. So, I was thrilled when I was invited to a dégustation with the owner Philip Chiang!


From cocktail to dessert, Philip guided us through a completely tasty extravaganza!

His mum began “The Mandarin” restaurant in the early 60s with her own family recipes. Due to the high demand, Philip created an offshoot ‘The Mandarette” which featured ‘grazing’ portions of the same style of food and that caught the attention of restaranteur, Paul Fleming. The two co-founded P.F. Chang’s , which still features many of the same recipes including his mum’s popular treasures.


Fresh.  That is the word I would equate with P.F. Chang’s. The juices in the cocktails are squeezed daily, everything is made from scratch and the produce & meat are bought local featuring geographic specialties.

For example in the sushi, more cream cheese and salmon is served in the South American restaurant, whereas more fresh ingredients like cucumber are served in the North American restaurants.


My favs of the tasting were the “Rock and Berries” Saké cocktail infused with cucumber, raspberry & lime , his mum’s famous Chang’s Lettuce Chicken Wraps, the Boeuf de Mongolie, and then ending with the outstanding dessert “The Great Wall of Chocolate”. This can be my bday meal, svp. DELICIOUS.


It was one decadent afternoon of flavour sensations. After tasting the entire menu –  thank you elastic waist pants – I can honestly say that there is something for everyone. If in Montréal or Laval, either P.F. Chang’s location is a must visit!

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