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Renaissance Hotel with EAST Restaurant

January 21, 2016

I love Montréal.

There is always something new to do or a new place to visit.

This month? The opening of new hotel Renaissance with EAST restaurant!

What’s cool about the new duo?

The Art, The Experience & The Eats.

The Art

The feel of the art in Hotel Renaissance is PURE Montréal.

Each floor has a theme with original artwork by la belle ville artists.


All pieces are BY HAND for EVERY ROOM. Now, this is my jam!

The Experience

Once a week, there will be a signature cocktail tasting created by a mixologist on Hotel Renaissance’s 12th floor terasse.

It’ll always be a surprise as to when, so go for the view and stay for an impromptu dégustation!

PS this oolong tea with rémy & saké infused with lemongrass, dragon fruit & gogi berries was SO REFRESHING.

The Eats

I cannot even.

East has been invited to be the in-house restaurant for the Hotel Renaissance. The taste is INSANELY DELICIOUS.

Featuring food from the ‘EAST’, you will taste delicacies from all across Asia. Think Laos, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and the list goes on! The taste is authentic and incredibly exotic to my Scottish tongue ; ).

I have never tasted an hotel restaurant that was this MOUTHWATERING. It’s a DEFINITE must visit in the city.

My plate choices:

The 33 layer salad. For luck, 33 ingredients & 33 tosses presented tableside. Crunchy, Fresh & Delicious.

The Beef Curry. Shut your face. It’s basically spicy butter in a bowl. There will be ZERO left-overs.

A charming new hotspot, hotel Renaissance with EAST restaurant is where to be in Montréal. Post me a photo of your visit!

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  1. Hello Mlle Fab,
    Thank you so much for your comments on the East.

    …but just below the Cantonese Chow Mein photo, is it possible you wrote The Eats but meant EAST ?


Looking forward to reading your comments!