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January 19, 2016

Buyer’s remorse. Ick.

Nothing is worse than the week after I purchase something and then I realise that I’ll never wear it. WAH!

Luckily, with the aid of a new Canadian service: GemHaul, I can try the jewels before committing to purchase!

Based out of Montréal, GemHaul offers a unique service to all of North America. Members receive hand-picked designer jewelry every month, which can then be enjoyed, with no pressure to buy, before returning upon notice of the reminder email.

What can you expect in the once-a-month box?

Unique beautiful pieces that I have not seen elsewhere. And the quality is TOP NOTCH. Total retail value is $150 CA per GemHaul box. No cheapies here!


How many pieces per monthly box?

3 per GemHaul box. Give your own preferences including style, ring size and metal, then a box is hand-selected for you. Talk about service!

Was I dubious? Absolutely, because I’m SO PICKY. Upon opening my mini treasure chest, I was THRILLED to find all artisan jewelry that actually suited my tastes.

From a delicate necklace…

to a chunky rose gold cocktail ring….

to a beautiful sparkle accented bangle.
How easy is it to use the service?

In the bottom of the box is a pre-paid return envelope. Place everything back in the box, slip into the pre-paid bag and head off  to mail. Brilliant!


Other tips?

Key Ring Cards: keep track of what you’ve worn in order to purchase later at 20% off! Plus, cards will be used in a contest in the very near future, so keep ‘em close!

Price Point?

$22.50 – $33 CA per month depending on the plan desired.

How great do I think GemHaul is?

GREAT! I’m so impressed, that I’m going to give a FREE MONTH to ALL OF OUR READERS INCLUDING THE USA!

Simply use the Gem code: mllefabfreebie

Keep me posted on your sparkly journey on Instagram @immllefab, because I can’t wait to see how you’ll shine!

Mlle Fab Freebie


  1. I’m so delighted to hear that, Nicole! Please let me know what you think when you try the mllefabfreebie! Bisous, Ksenia aka Mlle Fab

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