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Ghoulish Glam with BloMe

November 2, 2015

I know I keep saying that I’m spoiled, but it’s TRUE. And, I completely appreciate every moment: MERCI!

Like that time, I admired BloMe Blow Dry Bar’s online feed for MONTHS and then I luckily received an INVITATION to their Ghoulish Glam event!

It was my first visit to the shop ever and I have to say it is exactly what the two owners, Kim and Audrey, had intended. Imagine your BFF opened a shop just for you to get ready in. That’s BloMe!

Sip a complimentary BloMe-MOSA, RELAX while you get a treatment and leave feeling PRETTY. Love it!

As for Ghoulish Glam? Let’s be honest: the treats were OFF THE HOOK.

This ghost cake pop was so delicious that it vanished in 30 seconds. That’s right, I let my inner 4 yr old take the wheel!

And that she did: Trick or treat myself, indeed!


Next, hair was in order. Kim Bieri is KNOWN for her stellar braid creations, so I was excited to see what the ladies had cooked up.

I chose a pretty halo braid from beauty DEA Amanda. Um, could Amanda move in with me to do my hair, pretty please?

Après my braid, I was invited to visit the guest tarot card reader, Gabriella. OUI, SVP! And, I may be gullible, but all I will say is, she was on point. I’m intrigued by a longer reading…

So I had my fortune, but I was curious about other things. I wanted to know more about BloMe as all I knew were the killer Instagram photos that I had admired/stalked. I’m a sucker for a great shot!

I started my best George Stroumboulopoulos questioning, but as soon as Kim heard that it was my first time at BloMe, she immediately led me upstairs to the spa retreat!

Beautiful & Chic.

The upstairs manicure station is handled by her business partner, Audrey. Just like their owners, it’s SO pretty!

And then, I got a surprise gel MANICURE. We settled on ‘Rose Gold’. See: SPOILED!

BloMe Blow Dry Bar is exactly like the co-owners: Beautiful & Inviting. I’d whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone.

Have a big night coming up? Or simply had a rough day? Head to BloMe Blow Dry Bar as these ladie’s will treat you right!

Mlle Fab I-Did-Not-Wake-Up-Like-This


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