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Ramos Pinto

October 28, 2015

Once again, I’m feeling very spoiled. Last week, I was invited to a delightful lunch at Restaurant Helena featuring Ramos Pinto wines & portos with Montréal’s glitterati!

Seated beside the ever fashionable and lady-about-town, Carrie MacPherson, I was a titch awestruck but immediately developed a lady crush after experiencing her Saskatchewan-raised charm. Beautiful inside & out!

Presented by the vineyard producer’s great grandson, Jorge Rosas, we did #eatdrinkbcarrie! The 5th generation wine producer charmingly led us all through an amazing dégustation of Ramos Pinto wines & portos.

Duas Quintas Doc Douro White

We began with a crisp white that reminded me of granny smith apples & apricots. It pairs beautifully with lighter flavours, especially seafood.

We were treated to a fantastic Tartare de Saumon. Oui, I was spoiled rotten!

Duas Quintas Doc Douro Red

Next on our Portugal wine ‘flight’, was a medium bodied red. Hints of plums & cherries danced across my tastebuds. Delicious!

It paired wonderfully with a Carpaccio de Pieuvre (octopus) & Pétoncles Poêlées (seared scallops). Incredible flavour combinations!

I would serve this with any seafood or poultry including pheasant – why not be fancy!

Duas Quintas Reserva Red

Put on your big girl pants as this red is meant to be SAVOURED. Full & Complex. Just like a good book. Hints of rich pomegranate, cinnamon & quince. Oooh la la!

To compliment the rich flavours of this wine, we were served Lotte rôtie (monkfish)…

& Duo de Canard (duck). I KNOW! It was INSANELY DELICIOUS.

GO TO TOWN with this wine. From blue cheese to t-bone steak, Duas Quintas Reserva Red will make your tastebuds do a grade 8 slow dance!

Tawny 30 Years


This porto was so delicious that even though I had to jet to get to another appointment, I made sure to enjoy one last mouthful before heading out.

Because I had to step out before the beautifully paired churros arrived, Carrie shared her photo so you can see the decadence that was enjoyed. I definitely missed out!
Truth, mes amis? This porto could be served with simply air and everyone will still be pleased!

Thank goodness we had OUTSTANDING food pairings by Restaurant Helena or I would have tetter-tottered out on the 5 inches I had chosen that day! I will most certainly return as her food is truly INCREDIBLE.

Ramos Pinto Portos & Wines can be found at any SAQ from $18.35 – $113.00
No matter your price range or budget, this Portugal brand will definitely put a smile on every lip it passes.


Mlle Fab
Chin Chin


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