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Le Zoo de Granby – Québec Must See

September 30, 2015

A day to myself. A rarity & worth its weight in gold. So, I was thrilled when I received tickets to the renowned Québec attraction: Le Zoo de Granby!

Why is it renowned?

1. The animals’ well being is first & foremost chez Zoo de Granby.

My lovely tour guide, Mr. Marcel Champagne, the Superintendent of Construction, informed me of the zoo’s priorities. In 2005, the tiger exhibit was among the first of the zoo’s ‘revamp’ projects he participated in. Eleven years later, in 2016, Le Zoo de Granby is nearing it’s makeover completion. Obviously, I’ll have to go back to admire the new exhibits.

Being CAZA, AZA & WAZA certified (international zoo certifications), of course le Zoo de Granby ensures that the health of the animals is properly taken care of, but they don’t stop there. They create environments that are akin to the animals’ natural habitat.

With geothermal heated rocks/pools year round, waterfalls & trees galore to climb on.

Along with many ‘play things’ like ropes, hammocks & barrels.

The animals have numerous choices, just like in their natural ‘wild home’.

2. Le Zoo de Granby is simply beautiful because of the amazing exhibits.

Currently, there are 5 continents to visit: Afrika, South America, Asia, Oceania & South Pacific. All introducing North Americans to animals not found at ‘home’.

Walk into Afrika and be greeted by a lush Sahara with the corresponding native animals.


3. Plus, the ambience is all encompassing – architecture, art, music &…

a bit of fun, too.

What do I like to do chez Zoo de Granby?

Admire the jellyfish…

Enjoy some interaction by feeding a school of Sting Rays…

Become intimate with les Loriquets…

& chat with the Cockatiel ‘Bébé’.

With so much to do, le Zoo de Granby is not just for families. Physically attached, and included in the one ticket price, is Amazoo.

A themed waterpark with beaches, wave pools and scads of places to have picnics. Bring your own or purchase on site – la crème glacée, anyone ; )?!

Take in Hurkan, the Mayan Thunder God. Expect a wicked storm of lights, thunderous tribal music, mysterious hazy smoke and a generous down pour while riding the waves. It’s torrencially FUN.

If travelling to Quebec, make the special trip to Le Zoo de Granby. No matter the time of year, it’s worth every penny. Truth, mes amis. Find tickets HERE.

I’ll see you there, just look for ma nouvelle maman ; ).

Mlle Fab oo Keeper


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