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SABALI – World Première EP

July 31, 2015

My dad plays guitar. My mum plays piano. My brothers play guitar, bass, drums and piano. I literally sing for my supper. Music is a huge part of my family. Every weekend you could expect music 24/7. I still uphold that tradition and I now have a wicked new artist to add to my playlist: SABALI.

Brand spanking new to the music scene: Calvin Heinrichs is SABALI. This independent Montréal based singer/songwriter is legit. The début EP “Life Support” is primarily all him: acoustic & electric guitars, all vocals & lyrics, all composition & arrangements. No cookie cutter puppet here.

Oui, it’s no surprise that he also models. But he is way more than a pretty face. This model/musician has a light melodic tenor akin to Fleet Foxes or Sujfan Stevens. And, a musical sound similar to Andrew Bird. Simply, SABALI creates great music that is a joy to experience.

“Life Support” came to fruition due to hustlin’. SABALI means patience. And that’s exactly what this artist has. A kickstarter campaign was launched by the artist and a couple of months later, a début album of storytelling was born.


If I had to categorize his sound: Indie Folk Rock. I dig all of his songs. It’s difficult to choose. Seriously. The naked piano with vocals in “Ebb And Flow” is beautiful & the simplicity of “Irish Goodbye” touches my Irish heart. That said, I connect with a melodic line or lyric in EACH SONG.

But don’t take my word for it, download his première album for yourself. Lucky for you, mes amis, as of today you can download his EP HERE!

Keep your ears open for SABALI as this is only the beginning. I dare you not to put “Life Support” on repeat ;).

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