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Brows by Tania – Au Revoir, Frida

July 14, 2015

It was Frida’s birthday last week. And to celebrate, I let my brows grow free! That, plus I was booked for a threading with the aesthetic specialist, Brows By Tania!

A make-up artist from India, who grew up in her mum’s beauty clinic. Moved to New York as a pre-teen and then thankfully, for Montréal residents, is now based in la belle ville. And, she is blowing up!

Beautiful, Brilliant and Ballsy. She’s the trifecta. Why? Oui, she’s gorgeous, but she also has a direct ‘knowing’ of what will look good on your visage and has no qualms about saying it. Love lady bosses! Simply trust her as you’ll be incredibly pleased with the result. 

Après examining my face and the crazy caterpillars above my eyes, she got to work threading. And now I know why it’s so difficult to get in to see her. (I couldn’t get in for a MONTH.) She is simply fantastic at creating symmetry for YOUR FACE. 

She even took the time to teach me how to properly ‘make-up’ my brows with her own products!
At $18 + tax per threading, getting brows done by this exquisite make-up artist is a steal. I cannot reiterate enough, no one has ever made my brows look this good. EVER. (Ps she took this shot right après finishing – merci, ma belle!)

Book well in advance as spots are difficult to come by. Like, NOW as you’re reading, mes beautés. Be warned, if I need my eyebrows sorted, my elbows are coming out ;)!


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