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Throwback Thursday

November 6, 2014

It’s Throwback Thursday and the FAB crew is re-living some of their favourite childhood memories!

How many of you love the following items as much as we do/did?

Mlle FabFun Dip aka Lik-M-Aid


Mes parents are hippies. Our ‘sweet treat’ in the house was Rice Crispies. Plain. That’s correct, right out of the box dry cereal. So, imagine my girlish delight when my European grandparents introduced me to this heavenly sugar rush of ‘fruit’ flavour. I licked. I dipped. I hoarded those triple packets like Nicki Minaj avec hair weaves.

Mr. FabGold Rush Gum


Some of my favourite memories included walking, what seemed like miles, to the corner gas station to load up on confections with my brother.
Slurpees were 69 cents and a sack of golden bubble gum would cost you $1. I was sugar rich and it was well worth the 1/3 of my allowance.

M. FabMy So Called Life

Jordan Catalano. The name every 30-something woman still fondly remembers. Who was hotter than Jordan? His seemingly profound thoughts and ability to wear plaid like no other was every grunge girl’s dream.
Then there was Angela. Angela Chase. She seemed to encapsulate what High School was – a time of angst, dancing in your bedroom… And henna dyed red hair (from The Body Shop, no doubt). Her friendship with the impossibly cool Rayanne and girls-bathroom companion, Rickie… I longed for sidekicks like those.

Mlle. FabScience Set


I wanted to do everything my big frères did. Plus, there was something about all those pretty colours in clear shiny tubes. With this set, I imagined that I could make everything – from next year’s blue ribbon winner, to a ‘better’ botox. Wanna play Alfred Nobel at the kitchen table? I’ll provide goggles AND crepes!

M. FabFull House


You know when some TV shows can pass the test of time? They become classics where you’re not quite sure what year they were made, the lessons learned and the story lines are just too strong to ever fade out of memory. Well Full House is not one of these.
If this show doesn’t 100% personify the 80s sitcom, I don’t know what does.
The cheesy jokes, the predictable dialogue, the continual laugh track and don’t forget the fashion. But this is what makes Full House great – its the type of show you can watch and wonder how it ever made it 8 seasons.

3 fun childhoods full of great memories.

Share with us some of your favourite sugars & shows!


Mr. Fab, Mlle. Fab & M. Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!