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The Home Depot Christmas 2014 Preview

August 18, 2014

Inside TV chef Matt Basile’s Lisa Marie restaurant here in Toronto, The Home Depot hosted their Christmas 2014 Collection preview.  Now, I really love Christmas. There is no finer a season in my books. Family, food, presents and an excuse to have a tree inside your house. It’s perfection.

Amped up and ready for some Christmas spirit, the blazing sun didn’t stop my party. Walking inside the restaurant, it looked like a glittery, whimsical Christmas town. Trade the eggnog for lemonade and I was ready to see what will soon be in stores!


Hosted by the talented décor and lifestyle expert, Janette Ewan and The Home Depot’s product specialist, Aaron Jarosz, I was taken through three unique looks for this coming holiday season.

The first – Gorgeous Glam.

Glitter, silver and a touch of whimsy.


From shiny white polar bears to the perfect pops of turquoise, this collection is by no means understated. Decorating your holiday table with some of this collection will have all your friends “ooing” and “ahhing”.

Because this collection is holiday neutral – these pieces can carry you right through to New Years Eve. Party twice, decorate once.

Next – my personal favourite – Canadian Chic.

Take a splash of plaid, a glittery moose and some gold-dipped acorns and you have yourself a nostalgic play on Canada’s heritage.


My favourite piece was the birch candle. These beauties can be clustered and used as a centerpiece or placed individually throughout your house bringing in a touch of the Canadian wilderness.

The final collection – Timeless Traditional.

With reds, greens and whites, this collection is the epitome of traditional holiday style.


My favourite pieces from this collection are the beautifully intricate Nutcrackers who can stand at attention by your front door or fireplace.

The Home Depot will also carry your Christmas staples like outdoor lights, wreaths and trees. They have the largest selection of artificial and live trees…I prefer the fakies as they don’t leave prickly reminders buried in your carpet.

A great tree-decorating tip from Janette was to first tuck your larger ornaments into the centre of the tree and work your way out.


Layering more ornaments with ribbons and beads as you work outwards leaves you with a fuller looking finished product.

I loved Christmas in August and can’t wait to get my hands on some of those moose and gold acorns… But for now I will nestle all snug in my bed, while the vision of an all-you-can-eat candy buffet dances in my head.


M Fab a Claus


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