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Throwback Thursday

June 26, 2014

The writers behind Fab all grew up in different times and in different places, but one thing remains the same; their memories!

Each Throwback Thursday the team will share a bit of their past for your enjoyment.

Mr. Sketch (Mlle. Fab)

Mr. Sketch smelly markers
OMG! I could sniff this set for HOURS. Green apple, grape and whatever the turquoise marker was: scented heaven! Gimme these puppies and I am Janis Joplin!


I was so in love with Joey, I fantasized that one day we’d be together in denim overall harmony. New Kids on the Block were EVERYTHING! To this day I can’t listen to ‘We Will Rock You’ without breaking into “Hangin’ Tough”.

“…Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance…”

Talking Teddy Ruxpin (Mr. Fab)

I always hated reading books but I sure liked to have them read to me! Enter Teddy Ruxpin, the talking teddy that played cassette tapes and moved his animatronic bear mouth in time with the story. Sadly this childhood want was never fulfilled for me but my cousins were nice enough to let me borrow theirs.

Head & Shoulders Shampoo (Mlle. Fab)

Head and Shoulders Vintage AD

This seemed to be the only shampoo in our house growing up. I don’t recall any dandruff, but I do recall burning retinas…

Slap Bracelets (M.Fab)

How rad were these?! I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning, tease my hair, kiss my Tiger Beat ‘Corey’ magazine covers, then slap on my slap bracelet.
No outfit was complete without one (or five) all the way up my arm as they came in the most gnarly of patterns.

And how about you????

Leave us a comments and tell us if any of these played a part in your childhood! We love a good story!

FAB family

  1. My favourite of those same times was lip smackers! I LOVED all of them and my particular fave was the Dr. Pepper. I used to BEG my mom for a new flavor every time we went to the drug store! And they made the perfect childhood stocking stuffer!

Looking forward to reading your comments!