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2014: The Year of Real Connection

January 17, 2014

Last year, I lived in Europe. Unlike North America, they rarely used their mobile devices. People actually spoke to one another. Albeit over wine, BUT they had REAL LIFE conversations.


Hello. My name is Ksenia and I’m a texter. I have a problem.


It’s so easy to send off a sentence frag in less than 15 secs. Plus, I DO NOT LIKE talking on the phone, hence I abuse the little electronic missives like Miss Bynes with a twitter account. That said, I knew I had a real problem when my petite soeur would answer my once-in-a-blue-moon phonecalls with a panicked, “Are you okay?! What’s wrong?!” Oui. Time for a change.

So, my 2014 is dedicated to really connecting with people SANS MOBILE. This is not an easy feat for moi, but I have 3 ideas.


1. FaceTime & Skype:
Ma famille lives EVERYWHERE. (CA – US – UK – EU – DK).
Keep in touch + not break the bank = one delighted frugal fille! AND, with a baby nephew & niece in my life, I want to be more than Auntie Mobile Message. Plus, it’s simply nice to see a dear one’s face. Word to the wise, even with a poor connection one can always be seen. ALWAYS. Learn from my multi-tasking-straddling-mobile-while-chatting-with-ma-mère catastrophe. Wish I was lying.


2. Letter Writing:
I adore words. As one ami said, “you’re verbose. To the point of, you could have said that much simpler, but you’re not happy until you have a War and Peace on your hands”… He’s right. I have broken out my seal, cards and stationary: BRING ON THE WORDS! The bonus? Perhaps I’ll even receive a letter in return? OUI, SVP!


3. Literally Put Mobile Away:
Sitting in café. Feel uncomfortable/bored & pull out the trusty iPhone to appear busy/‘fill’ time? GUILTY IS MOI! Definitely my ol’ standby. From now on, I will ‘fill’ my time with something more productive – reading an actual book, writing in my journal, studying music, etc. Side note: with one’s attention back in the real world, who knows what adventures one will have…
Park Promenade + Moscato introduction + Kiss Goodnight under an umbrella = Ah, la vie!
That actually happened, so BE PRESENT! And, if serendipitously, I meet someone in said situation again, I will NOT check my emails, texts, etc. Same goes in my own home. Mobiles will be checked at the entrance for the evening. That’s right, we’re going to have FUN D*MN IT!
*Mlle Fab frantically sets up Twister & opens 3 bottles of petite syrah*


Mr. Fab & I often speak about the idea of being free from the little electronic friend. Don’t worry, cher readers, I would NEVER suggest to give up THAT specific petit ami. My suggestion: Out with papa? Do not check mobile until you say au revoir. At an event? Unless for work, I DOUBLE DOG DARE you to not tweet or instagram about it. Be in the moment. Try it for a week and see what happens…

2014. The Year of Real Connection. Ring my doorbell. We can talk about our days or play Twister ; )…



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