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Girl Crushing on Bodybag by Jude

December 2, 2013

As you may have come to learn, this femme is rarely at a loss for words. My Ma’ calls me Princess Charming for a reason. This was true until my meeting with someone whose work I truly admire!

Ms. Judith Desjardins aka Bodybag by Jude!


Our première introduction was when stylist Mealan Mezzarobba dressed me for an event. She styled me in Bodybag and I have been in ❤️ with the brand ever since.

Sophisticated. Feminine. Quality Pieces.

Imagine my DELIGHT when an invitation to a VIP shopping night appeared in my inbox. I was there faster than a RHOWV to a Cheek Implant & Champers soirée.


Greeted with a glass of champers and festive nibbles, I was introduced to the première look of her Spring 2014 Collection to make a MADE TO MEASURE pre-order. Amazing! Then we finished with an extra 15% – 50% off!? Happy ending, indeed!


Now, check out these perfect date-night looks. They’re as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. The First Rendezvous: a tangerine jumpsuit that screams, “I’d love to eat ice cream while strolling through Parc Mont Royal with you, Monsieur”.


2. The Dinner Date: a feminine jersey cocktail number. “Supper and drinks at Le Chien Fumant, straight after work? I can make that work!”


3. The Weekend Away: a zip-up onesie. “Oh, you want to go sailing and then have fresh oysters by the old port? Well, look at that, I’m ready.”


Bodybag by Jude has been based out of Montréal for 15 years. Jude is ever changing and flowing with what interests her all the while paying attention to the times. That said, she always stays true to herself.

She is the real deal: Beautiful, Brainy & Beaucoup de Talents.


Later in the evening, when I found my voice and told her I was an design nerd, she took me into her studio where she candidly chatted with me as she PERSONALLY ALTERED my outfit! This all happened while I was looking at sketches and swatches for her Winter 2014 Collection.

And as lovely as she was to me, this style maven has graciously given Mr. Fab’s readers FREE SHIPPING until NYE with this code:


Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go directly to to get your sophisticated piece today!


Mlle Fab odybag by Jude

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