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FAB is Best of Calgary

February 14, 2018

Award season is almost over for the music and film industry, but for us bloggers and social personalities in Calgary the nominations have just been announced!

And in a city with a population of 1.15 million people, I am completely honoured to have been listed in TWO categories as ‘Best Of’, along side of some other very talented individuals.

Here’s what immrfabulous is up for:




Right now the voting for ‘Best of Calgary’ is open, so if you’re a fan of the FAB family, you can toss us a vote HERE.

…And if you like someone more than us… Voting is closed so get off the internet..


This life of Blogging and Social Media has been such an exciting ride and with it I’ve had so many amazing opportunities and have met so many amazing friends… I feel like I’ve already won pretty big!

Mr. Fab of Calgary


Looking forward to reading your comments!