The Best Beef in the World

December 11, 2017

The best beef in the world comes from Canada, and the majority of that beef is ranched in Alberta.

Walmart proudly sells Canadian Beef and McDonald’s Canada creates its delicious burgers with it!

So this past weekend when my friends from the Canadian Beef invited me to join them along side some amazing talented chefs in an experience that would take me from farm to table, I jumped on the invite to join the adventure!

To start our day we headed to the Canadian Beef Center of Excellence, where we were welcomed by Mairlyn Smith who started us off by sharing some not so fun ‘fun facts’:

Canadians food waste is 40%!

This was a shocking fact especially for someone who typically licks his plate clean!

Then, joined by Chef Jean-Francois Fortin of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Canada Beef’s own Chef Mathieu, and special guest Chef Anton from the Philippines we were set on a course to correct that fact by learning some great recipes which would encouraged us to use our leftovers.

Cook Once, Eat Twice was the theme!

And thanks to Chef Mathieu I’ll be impressing my future guests with Beef and Blue Wagon Wheel Bites!

These bites were absolutely my favourite and are super quick and easy to make!

But that wasn’t all; We also learnt how to make Beef Blinis Bites and Beef Wrapped Maple Parsnip Bites which are both delicious and smart recipes which reuse your left over Beef.

Then, with our tummies satisfied we boarded a bus and made our way to Wine Glass Ranch to meet the ranchers behind my favorite protein.

For over a century this family of ranchers has been passionately supplying our Country with some of its best beef, and through the ups and downs of market pricing, it was inspiring to hear how and why they continue to do what the love.

Then, after a little bit of ranch exploration we were back on the bus and headed to the mountains – and Chef J.F’s home – at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise for a skate on the lake before a well earned dinner!

The table was set and the menu was divided.

Chef J.F and Chef Anton would take turns splitting the courses and come together in a face off during the dessert course.

First up was Chef Anton’s Beef Short Ribs Sinigagserved on a bed of green mango purée.

It was spicy, acidic and the beef was so tender and practically un-forkable!

It was amazing, I had never tasted anything like it before!

Next up was Chef J.F. and his Braised Beef Flat Iron, Seared Tenderloin, Beets and Polenta.

Each of the cuts of beef were cooked better than I have ever been able to cook it before and the polenta was worth every creamy calorie!

Lastly came dessert which I didn’t even take a photo of!

Filipino Lech Flan & Canadian Maple Crème Brûlée which I tossed down the hatch so fast, I would have needed a quicker shutter speed to even have caught a glimpse on film!

With dinner complete it was time for bed… And as the snow started to lightly fall I went to sleep with grateful appreciation of the talented chef and committed ranchers that have delivered world class recipes and eats!

Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

Mr. Fab eef

Looking forward to reading your comments!