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Food Bank Calgary

October 5, 2017

Right now at 20+ restaurants in Calgary, a special culinary offering will be served up.

Now through October 15th, OctoberFeast will see chefs creating signature dishes which incorporate at least two items from the Calgary Food Bank’s most wanted list.

Available to the public, these dishes will not only highlight and remind foodies the need to help others less fortunate but will also see a portion of the proceeds donated to the Calgary Food Bank.

Yesterday I paid a visit to one of my favorite restaurants, Yellow Door, to sample what they came up.

Albacore Tuna bolognese pappardelle with crispy Parmesan.

It was a tasty throwback to a dish my mom used to make where she subbed in canned tuna and added frozen peas!

OctoberFeast is a unique opportunity where chefs have been put to the test and our community will all benefit together.

Be sure to check out some of these amazing dishes at restaurants throughout the city.

More information is available HERE.

Mr. Fab feast

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