The Perfect Summer Watch 

June 16, 2017

I have day watches and night watches, winter watches and summer watches; but when it comes to a large watch collection, that’s not me.

All I need is a few great faces with a collection of strap options to get me through a variety of occasions, and seasons.

That watch is my Daniel Wellington 40mm Classic Silver with a Glasgow strap.

It’s a fresh look to wear during the day and has a simply sophisticated face that, with the change of a strap in the evening, has me looking like a #boss!

What I love most about the Daniel Wellington collection is how thin the faces are and how light they sit on my wrist.

They are an easy and comfortable watch to wear.

And when it comes to Summer, the nylon bands that cleaverly cover the back of the metal case, allow my wrist to breath.

And if I get them dirty, they’re super easy to scrub up.

So whether you’re a sporty guy, classic guy, fancy guy or a guy that just wants a great watch – you need to check out Daniel Wellington! It really is just the perfect watch.

The collection can be found at Hudson’s Bay, Spareparts, Simons and many Independent jewelry stores across the country.

Time to Summer up your wrist!

Mr. Fab watch

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