A Moment for MOM at Buffalo Mountain Lodge

May 3, 2017

With Mother’s Day less than 2 weeks away, I decided to look into what Moms really want by posting the question throughout my social media platforms.

And the comments poured in! There were comments for new purses, macaroni art, breakfast in bed and spa services… But the undeniable winner and the most requested gift was:

Time Alone – No Spouses or Kids.

At first I though the Moms were kidding – but comment after comment, the Moms continued to elaborate on what this ‘time alone’ would look like!

“A night away and a room all to myself with a bathroom that has a giant tub”

And with that, the most perfect place popped into my head to send Mom off to! A beautiful stay at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge in the Canadian Rockies!

Personally one of my favourite places to retreat to, the Buffalo Mountain Lodge has everything Mom is looking for… And I know this because I also recently took my Mom there with me!

After we dined in their newly renovated restaurant, my mom literally told me she wanted the room to herself so she could have some alone time sans kid (aka, me) and enjoy the claw foot soaker tub!

But that’s not all she took advantage of.
The stunning high vaulted top floor room we were staying in also had a wood burning fire place with an endless supply of chopped wood where she kept the fire going all night long.

And I get it.

Time together is great, but after a couple decades of cooking & cleaning all whilst holding down a full time job, my Mom (and other Moms like her) deserve some time alone!

So if you’re looking to say “thanks for all you’ve done” this Mother’s Day, pack her bags (include the macoroni art and purses) and send her away for some quality time alone!

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom… Macaroni art is in the mail.

Love you

Mr. Fab 364 with a day for mom


Looking forward to reading your comments!