Catelli + Celery = Moms Love

March 27, 2017

Everyone always has that one recipe that they’ve mastered that reminds them of delicious home cooking from thier childhood.

For me it’s my Mom’s homemade pasta sauce.

Being a single Mom who worked 9-5, time was of the essence when she’d get home from work to get food on the table. So her recipe was all about the simple, fresh ingredients in the sauce and a quality dried pasta.

It was my absolute favorite dish growing up and is still my “If I were trapped on a desert island and could only eat one thing, what would it be?” top pick!

However, having moved away from my Mom the rest of the family I’ve had to learn to recreate her sauce secrets (Hint: she uses celery) whenever I’m feeling homesick.

So when my friends at Catelli, who are as old as Canada is (150 years), announced they were hosting a contest to help families come together this summer by giving away 3 family reunion packages, I just new I had to share the details… And some pictures of my Mom’s famous sauce (Hint: it’s all about the celery).

To enter, all you need to do is visit and tell them a story in 200 words or less about who you would bring to your family reunion this summer.

They want to know how they’ve inspired and supported you over the years, and why your family needs to reconnect. (Hint: Tell a story about celery. Lol)

So go tell your quick story, maybe add in a childhood photo and hopefully this summer it’ll will be filled with even more happy memories.

Good luck,

Mr. Fab celery

Looking forward to reading your comments!