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Lacoste FW 2017/18 Runway Collection #NYFW

February 15, 2017

René Lacoste was French tennis player and designer; a man who witnessed the first transatlantic crossing and created “Air Equipment”, a company that contributed to the development of the Concorde and Airbus programs.

And this season at NYFW, his past became the present in an out-of-this-world experience at the Lacoste FW 2017/18

The modern and expansive Spring Studio, a location which has hosted Lacoste’s shows for the last few years, was unrecognizable this season as it was completely transformed into a imaginative, fantasy driven fashion planet.

The entire floor covered in a rocky terrain which had anyone in heels stepping cautiously.

Linear benches surrounded large rock formations which exploded throuh the floor and holographic space cards adorned the seats.

We were the pioneers of the fashion space age!

The radio transmissions, which had been playing since we arrived, began to quiet; it was our signal that the show was about to begin.

A “quantum leap into the 90s” this was an “artistic representation of space”.

My Favourite piece from the collection; this ochre orange jacket that may or may not have been 2 pieces (The atmospheric hypoxia had the best of me!).

From my front row seat I was able to closely view the high tech clothing and it’s mixed materials of leather, nylon, cotton gabardine, fleece and synthetic furs.

A beautiful collection of comfort, functionality and technology.

Well done Lacoste.

Thank you for taking me on a galactic adventure with you!

Mr. Fab space

Looking forward to reading your comments!