January 10, 2017

Last week I was invited to live #LIFEinHD!

A fun filled night out with my friends from Harley-Davidson Canada.

Set at one of Calgary’s institutional hangouts, the Palamino Smokehouse, I was able to sip on manhattans and snack on brisket as my BFF took her seat in the makeup chair to get a Harley inspired Smokey Eye!

And thanks to the extremely talented and Instafamous @JennaNicoleOfficial, my girls were looking Harley Hot all night long!

Next, with sexy faces and sassy struts, our squad made its way over to Johnny, a fourth generation hand made cigar maker who was flown in from Toronto.

Johnny, who works at the last hand-made cigar factory in Canada, Frank Correnti Cigars, then gave us a demonstration using imported Cuban tobacco & leaves on how to roll the perfect cigar.

Such an amazing process to watch!

Then it was time to hit the road… For the perfect Harley-Davidson photo!

And with a leg swing and a sit I was totally, totally in LOVE! This was something I could definitely get used to!

Living #LIFEinHD was such a unique and cool experience, I might even start to study for my Class 6 Licence!

It’s time to ride!

Mr. Fab davidson

Looking forward to reading your comments!