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A FAB Collab with Papabubble

December 12, 2016

2016 has been filled with incredible opportunities, exciting adventures and creative collaborations. We feel so fortunate to work with like-minded brands, creating fun and interesting stories for you to enjoy.

As a thank you to our partners this year we teamed up with international hand-made candy maker, Papabubble in Toronto.  Founded in Barcelona, this candy shop creates the tastiest candy… That you can customize!

Their tasty, bite-sized candy comes in all sorts of flavours from grape to cola and it is incredible what can be made from sugar, talented candy makers and creativity!

Ever wonder how candy is made? Check out our video to see our custom FAB candy being created. It’s an amazing process that takes serious skills.

We were so in LOVE with the process, quality and uniqueness of our custom candy, we even featured it during our FAB Gift Guide on Global Television.

Papabubble is  delicious concept and a tasty way to say thank you to our friends!

We’re excited for the holidays to start giving these away!!

M Fab, Mr Fab, Mlle Fab ChristmasElves

Looking forward to reading your comments!