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Great Gifts for Kids

December 1, 2016

I have 3 amazing nieces and 3 amazing nephews. With that comes the incredible responsibility of wow-ing them each year.

A seemingly impossible task, I know… But I start early and I’m relentless in my mission.

This year I’ve been invited on-air with where I’ll be live-sharing my top finds, but for my readers, here’s the first look at my holiday 2016 gift guide for kids:

Budsies– Custom Stuffed Animals, Plush Figurines ($89-$149)

Budsies brings you or your little loved one’s imagination to life, creating a one-of-a-kind custom stuffed animal based on either a drawing or photo you provide.

But their creativity doesn’t end there. The team at Budsie can also create a plush ‘Selfie’ using a photo of yourself or a loved one or for those pet lovers, a ‘Petsie’, which is a stuffed version of your favourite pet.

Papabubble– Personalized Candies (prices vary)

These personalized treats are perfect for those with a bit of a sweet-tooth. They are completely customizable, with a variety of colours, flavours, designs and sizes to chose from to create a personal and delicious stocking stuffer.

These artisanal candies are completely hand crafted and come in a range of sizes to satisfy all of your sugary cravings.

LEGO Dimensions ($109.99; additional expansion packs $14.99-$49.99)

Let creativity guide you through the many worlds of LEGO in this interactive video game where all your favourite characters join forces and you can trade gadgets and cool cars in order to defeat the evil Lord Vortech.

There are no rules in this LEGO-verse as you continue to grow it with additional expansion packs. Before you know it you’ll have Gandalf the Great fighting alongside your favourite Ninja Turtle all whilst travelling in style with Wonder Woman’s invisible plane.

This toys-to-life gaming experience allows for endless possibilities for you and your favourite gamer. No wonder it was the most popular Christmas gift of 2015.

Joe Fresh Children’s Jewellery (available at Shoppers Drugmart) $6-$10

Exclusively sold at Shoppers Drug Mart, Joe Fresh has released a line of children’s accessories that are not only affordable, but stylish and vibrant. The line is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and comes in a variety of styles that suit your child’s unique and bold personality.

With a selection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces to chose from, you may even find yourself accessorizing with your kids Joe Fresh jewellery.

My Cinema Lightbox– Original Marquee Light Box $29.99-89.99

This adorable cinema inspired light box makes the perfect gift to be used as a nightlight or a special way to tell your kids you love them. Change out the message each night and they’ll have a reason to want to go to bed! 

The light boxes come in a variety of sizes so if short and sweet isn’t your style choose the bigger option and ramble away. Included are a variety of letters, numbers and characters to craft your messages and for those who want even more creativity, My Cinema Lightbox also sells a variety of stylized letter and symbol packs to chose from. 

Hope you like my gifts for kids suggestions… And most importantly, I hope my Nieces & Nephews love them!

Happy Holidays

Mr. Fab uncle

Looking forward to reading your comments!