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Star of Bombay

October 27, 2016

The original “Star of Bombay” is a 182 carat cabochon-cut star sapphire originating from Sri Lanka. The violet-blue jem was given to silent film actress Mary Pickford by her husband Douglas Fairbanks. The priceless gem has since been bequeathed to the Smithsonian Institute.

But this… this is the NEW Star of Bombay!


After 2 years perfecting its complex botanical recipe, Bombay has just released this new blend which has been created using a Vapour Infusion & a Slow Distillation process.

And last week I was invited to partake in its delicious launch.

Bombay is the only liquor company in the world to have a Master Distiller and Master of Botanical’s.

And Ivano Tontutti has been exploring the world in search of the finest botanical’s to use in the creation of Star of Bombay.

There are ten high quality botanicals in the Bombay Gin you’re used to seeing:

Almonds from Spain, Cassia Bark from Indio – China, Angelica from Saxony, Liquorice from China, Lemon Peel from Spain, Orris from Italy, Grains of Paradise from West Africa, Juniper Berries from Italy, Cubeb Berries from Java and Coriander from Morocco.

And Star of Bombay has added two more:

Dried Bergamot from Italy and Ambrette seed from Ecuador.

During the launch I was treated to a number of exceptional cocktails, some of the best I’ve had in a very long time, so I wanted to share the recipes with you.

Here are 3 amazing cocktails, you need to try, made with the new Star of Bombay:

50/50 Martini 


1.5 Parts Star of Bombay
1.5 Parts Martini Dry Vermouth
2 Dashes Orange Bitters
Orange Peel
Chilled Coupe Glass

And I was so torn between these next two as to which was my favourite:


1 Part Star of Bombay
0.5 Parts Fresh Lemon Juice
0.5 Parts Tea Syrup
1 Teaspoon St. Germain
2 Parts Prosecco
Lavender Garnish
Champagne Flute

But this next one was most definitely the crowd’s favourite!

Galaxy Espresso Negroni


1 Part Star of Bombay
1 Part Martini Rosso
1 Part Campari
0.5 Parts Coffee
Orange Wheel and Coffee Bean
Chilled Coupe Glass

I’ve been a gin lover for a long time and always have Bombay on hand.

The new Star of Bombay will happily be joining its brothers and sisters in the rotation!

Mr. Fab of Bombay

Looking forward to reading your comments!