Doubling Up on Monopoly at McDonald’s

October 14, 2016

Growing up, my childhood consisted of McDonald’s and Monopoly… Literally!

And those 2 things are my fondest memories!

On weekends our tradition was to head to the farm, always stopping at McDonald’s first! If it was Breakfast hours I’d have an Egg McMuffin with Orange Drink (which is sadly no longer on the menu), and if it were Lunch hour; a Big Mac and fries!

Then it was off to the farm and a weekend forcing my brother to play Monopoly with me!

Now, with the farm sold and my brother in another city, I’m left to “McDonald’s & Monopoly” with others.

And this week everyone’s favourite time at McDonald’s – Monopoly – has started again. So I thought I should kick it old school and double up!

So I pulled out my old board, ordered a Big Mac, large Soda & Fries and was rolling dice and tearing up game pieces!

Half way through the game I was already up a hamburger & small coffee (1 in 5 game pieces are winners) but down a lot of fake money!

I practically had to remortgage everything just to stay in the game!

Then we hit dessert time!

And with the power of Pies & Lattes my luck completely turned around!

With 1 player left, it was time for a Warm Apple distraction!

Then while she was in tasty bliss I tricked her in to making a few bad deals… The next thing you know I was celebrating a win!

But the game isn’t over yet! I’ve still got my McDonald’s Monopoly to complete.

And after winning all the pieces from everyone’s meals, I’m just 1 property away from a win there too!

The best part? This year they’ve created a new feature where you can digitally track your gameboard pieces. Now I don’t have to worry about loosing my game board!

And because McDonald’s Monopoly is on until November 14th: I’ve still got time to pull off a win!

Now to find more friends to play with!

Mr. Fab Monopoly

Looking forward to reading your comments!