Keeping Social with Shaw 24/7

October 13, 2016

My life as a blogger comes with a lot of perks, but it also comes with a lot of work.

Part of the ‘job‘ requires me to keep connected 24 hours a day (bloggers don’t sleep).  So having a good internet provider that offers fast, consistent service is key!

Luckily, Shaw offers that with their WideOpen Internet 150!

15 Mbps Upload & 150 Mbps Download Speed with 1 TB of Data and no overage fees… It’s everything I need to keep connected… 24/7!

So whether I’m working in my ‘Home Office’ (pictured below)

Or sharing live Insta Stories and Snapchats of what’s arrived in the mail,

I’m able to get it done – and still have time to hit the gym!

(Fun Fact: I actually sweat Mouse Ears when I work out! Weird but true!)

All the while being able to Tweet that picture too, using Shaw Go WiFi  with over 80,000 hotspots in Western Canada!

From morning to night, Shaw’s WideOpen Internet 150 has got me – and other aspiring bloggers – covered!

Now off to send GIF’s to friends!

Mr. Fab 150

Looking forward to reading your comments!