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J.Crew’s Inspirational  Spring/Summer 2017 Collection #NYFW

September 13, 2016

Every season in NYC I wait, with baited breath, for the doors to open at the J.Crew Men’s/Women’s presentation.

Each year and with each new collection, the brand has continued to inspire my sense of style.

But who’s been inspiring THEIR style?

Well this year J.Crew decided to show us!

Opting out of the standard agency models, the brand decided to showcase current ready-to-buy pieces paired with the 2017 collection on people from around the county that inspire and embody the brand.

Real life people, real life families… In all shapes and sizes; colors and cultures.

65 models, aged 13 to 70, who’s lives were as unique as the looks they wore.

An instagrammer, designer, mother, metal smith, shop owner, activist and dreamer…. The list of their talents were endless.

And all were shining extra bright as they wore the collection designed by Somsack Sikhounmuong & Frank Muytjens.

As I walked through the presentation, I was not only once again surprised & delighted to see what was soon to come, but my heart and mind were reminded to keep being me.

Inspiration comes from endless places and I’m so lucky to have met those that have helped inspire others including one of my favourite brands.

You’ve really outdone yourself this time J.Crew!

Spring/Summer 2017 is so full of heart!

Mr. Fab crew

Looking forward to reading your comments!