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#DoYou with GAP during NYFW

September 9, 2016

It’s Fashion Week in NYC where hundreds of designers will be revealing their Spring/Summer 2017 collections.

And with that comes thousand of stylishly dressed fashion lovers!

But what is ‘style’?

It’s YOU!

I’ve been saying it for years and over the next few days, GAP will be encouraging it in a specialty pop-up shop open to the public…

I was lucky enough to have been invited to the Press Preview and I can honestly say that in my 3 years of attending Fashion Week, this is the coolest and most unique event I’ve seen!

In the pop up shop you’ll be able to purchase classic, vintage and new pieces from thier collection and customize them together with a team of artists who will be on-site!

They’ve even brought in the talented and Instagram-famous emboiderer Marie-Sophie Lockhart (@lockhartembroidery)

She was as sweet as she was talented and helped add a little flair to my new denim Jacket!

Then I was off to the pins section!

GAP said #DoYou and that’s just what I did!

I proudly took my jacket and added some spaghetti, a taco and a bowling pin… Because that’s my idea of a perfect day!

Then to really show ME, I bee-lined for the cupcake table.

Real cupcakes.

Because that’s definitely ME!

#DoYou is something I’ve said for years.

Places like NY Fashion Week can be an intimidating place when it comes to your wardrobe , but when you do you… You’ll always have the best style!

Just ask the undisputed champions of style: the Beckerman Girls!

They do them best!

So they’ll be them, I’ll be me and you #DoYou!

Thanks GAP for helping us share our style, in style!

Mr. Fab style

Looking forward to reading your comments!