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Back to School Must-Haves!

August 26, 2016

When I was a kid, my back to school supplies were pretty basic. A box of Kleenex, a glue stick and a couple lead pencils. But oh how I dreamed of the fancy stuff.

So when Breakfast Television asked my to come on and share my 5 Back-to-School ‘Dream Items‘, I was only too excited to find the best!

A custom designed cereal, glittery note books, dinosaur shaped pens and even a backpack that comes with its own hidden rain jacket, these items have me wishing I was going back to school!

Have a watch!

Now off to pass notes and drink from water fountains!

Mr. Fab school supplies

Product List: 
Mixit: Custom created cereal
Mr. Sketch: Scented Markers & Crayons
Paperchase: Whimsical stationary store
Rubbermaid: Cube lunch containers w/ built in ice packs
Hershel Supply Co.: Backpacks & Bags

Looking forward to reading your comments!