The Fab-est of Rocky Mountain Soap Company

June 28, 2016

It’s officially ‘Shorts Everyday Season’ and to keep my legs from looking like frosted Christmas window, I’ll be slathering on my go-to lotion from Rocky Mountain Soap Company.


It’s my, not so secret, healthy glow skin saviour!

Now I’ve shared my love for Rocky Mountain Soap Company in the past; They are made locally in Canmore, AB using all natural products found in nature. And unlike other companies ‘natural’ products I’ve sampled in the past, they are not greasy and actually perform the way they say they will!

Several months ago I was sent a special surprise package of some of their newest and limited edition products to sample and after giving them all a go, I can say I 100% recommend all of them!

Here’s a look at the items I’ve fallen in love with!

If you haven’t had the chance to try any of Rocky Moutain Soap Company’s products yet, these ones are a perfect place to start!

Happy Glow-y Summer!

Mr. Fab skin


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