Luigi Bosca Winery

April 25, 2016

Last week I was invited to lunch with owner and director of Luigi Bosca wines, Alberto Arizu.

And when you dine with the oldest winery in Argentina, they’re ready to impress.


Upon arrival, I was greeted with a glass of their 2015 Chardonnay and then, since 75% of what the Arizu family produces is red, we headed in that direction.

Best known in Alberta for their #1 selling premium Argentine malbec, the brand’s portfolio offers over a dozen more options.

And I was ready taste them!

“The idea is not to compare the wines, it’s to experience the unique personalities. With the same grape, you can create 4 different wines” – Alberto Arizu

And though I tapped out after only sampling half of their collection, I was still able to decide on personal a favourite.

Luigi Bosca Malbec Doc “Single Vineyard” 2013.

Aromas of cherries and ripe plums, it is also spicy with notes of coffee and blackberries and a bit toasted as a result of aging in oak barrels.

A perfect Summer’s evening wine!

So grab a bottle and get your date night started!

Mr. Fab osca

Looking forward to reading your comments!