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The Fiasco Gelato Academy

April 18, 2016

I have a love for sweets & treats like no other.

So when I found out the opportunity was available to go behind the scenes at Fiasco Gelato to hand create my own frozen delight, I squealed like I had won the lottery!

This is Fiasco Gelato’s ‘Gelato Academy

The Academy is open to the public and the day runs about 2.5 hours…. Of deliciousness!

First it’s beers & cheeses, then you’re off to the kitchen.

And then is all up to your imagination, because inside the kitchen at Fiasco, they’ve got all sorts of fixins for your gelato.

A long time ago I was involved in a focus group for Dairy Queen where we were testing new flavours. All the flavours we sampled made it to the market except for 1:
Monster Cookie

It was my favourite! I was devastated, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Now it was my turn to make it happen!

Oats, butter, raisins, mini chocolate chips, peanut butter, smarties and spices.

Heck yah I baked my own cookies!

As those cooked, it was time to mix the vanilla gelato base!

After it was all blended, I crumbled a few of my baked cookies, tossed them in and loaded the liquid into the machine.

When it was finally frozen, as the creamy concoction creeped out of the machine I folded it with chunks of chopped cookies, globs of peanut butter and chopped up smarties.

Then came the hardest part: What to name it!

And in honor of the DQ Blizzard that never was, it was decided!

The most delicious single batch fiasco gelato I’ve ever tasted!… (But I’m pretty biased!).

8 pints to take home to share (or not… Probably not).

The Fiasco Gelato Academy was an awesome experience. It was not only amazing to make my own, it was super cool to watch & taste my classmate’s creations as well!

I definitely recommend signing up for one of their classes. It’s fun and delicious.

I know I’ll be back as soon as my gelato supplies diminish!

Now off to eat.

Mr.Fab cookie gelato!

Looking forward to reading your comments!