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Parallel Park in the Chevy Spark #LikeABoss

March 29, 2016

City driving is stressful. The potholes, the pedestrians, the cabs and bikers. Some days it can feel like you’re in a real-life video game.

Big cars and big cities don’t mix.

Welcome, the new Chevy Spark!

I was able to wheel around Toronto for the day in this sweet little beauty and I fell in mini-car love.


This ultra connected mini-car is dream come true for a city driver.

Parallel parking didn’t cause me to break out in a stress-induced rash.

With the rear-vision camera system, I didn’t smush a single cyclist while backing out of busy parking lots. And thanks to the Spark’s connectivity through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with in-vehicle Wifi, I was able to plug in my phone and have hands-free access to my Spotify playlist, Google Maps, and Podcasts.



I am not a short person, so mini-cars usually feel like clown mobiles. But the Spark has a surprising amount of headroom and the seats feel luxe, even in our mid-range LS CVT model.

But the ultimate test is trunk space!

We took our Sparks to IKEA to shop like a college student, stocking up on household items we’d later donate to charity.


Here’s a look at the trunk.

There is tons of room to spare!


I think this car is great for city drivers, college students and anyone who wants a safe, fuel efficient, zippy little pepster in their life.


It’s charmingly adorable yet feels quite grown-up.

I like it!

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