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Vans Turns 50

March 18, 2016

There is no other shoe that defines the 90s more relevantly to me than a pair of Vans.

I was a full-blown skater (wannabe) in the 90s and there was no other shoe that looked as good with my wide legged jeans, and an untucked oversized tee than a sweet pair of Vans.

This iconic brand is now 50 years old!

So in ten cities around the world, a party was held, celebrating the brand’s “Off the Wall” heritage in art, music, and street culture.

Welcome to the ‘House of Vans’.


Here is your look inside Toronto’s event.


Occupying a massive warehouse on Dupont, this event was part art gallery, part moody concert hall.


Showcasing the evolution and transformation of the brand over the decades.

Yes, there was a Vans Rollerskate!


Vancouver’s Tommy Genesis, Toronto’s Jazz Cartier and Dinosaur Jr. all took the stage, giving the sold-out show some high-energy performances.


Staying true to their skate roots, this brand’s aesthetic has never waivered too far from classic.

Here’s to another 50 years!


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