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3 Great Holiday Gifts for HIM! 

December 9, 2015

I think that we can all agree that buying gifts for the average guy can be a very difficult task.

And when to comes to dads seemingly impossible!

For me: I have a brother, who is also a dad… This is a very problematic combination.

So I decided to ask him… “What would you like for Christmas?” … And in hopes to help all of my readers who might have brothers or dads, I’ve decided to share his ‘wants’!

And here’s the best part!

To help make your gift giving even easier, I’m going to gift one lucky reader all the gift ideas, this way you can forgo the stress of holiday man shopping all together! (Details to follow below).

Here are 3 holiday picks from a brother/dad! 

#1 Tickets to the Shaw Charity Classic

The list of things my brother cannot do: GOLF.

But what he can do is love golf and he’s a huge fan of the Shaw Charity Classic!

Shaw Charity Classic

This tournament brings golf legends to the city that my brother has only had the opportunity to see play on TV before. Last year Fred Couples took to the green and my bro had his eyes glued to his game the entire time!

Fred Couples Shaw Charity

In 2016 the Shaw Charity Classic will take place August 31 – September 4th, which may seem hard to plan that far out, but what is totally amazing is that you can purchase an early bird ‘Good-Any-Day’ ticket right now for only $20; when the Classic is here, you can choose to attend whichever of the days you wish (Friday-Sunday).

And the deal gets even sweeter because kids under 17 get in free when they come with a ticketed adult!

Shaw Charity Classic Family

Don’t want to only watch the golf? There are lots of other amazing activations happening during the Classic that you’ll have fun regardless!

#2 Jack Black Skin Care

My brother and I may not have a lot in common but we do have in common is dry skin.

A few years ago I introduced him to the products from Jack Black which (i’m sure you may know…) I have been in love with for years.

Hands-down one of the best products on their list is the Jack Black Beard Lube. There is no other way to get a better quality comfortable shave!


My brother works in the trades… All his hard work combined with the elements wreak havoc on his hands.

So it’s Jack Blacks Hand Healer which will be the perfect stocking stuffer for him this year!

jack black hand healer

Jack Black is products made and designed for men. The company understands our bodies and makes perfect products for us.

#3. Clothing from Mark’s

My brother has always looked up to my sense of fashion, and recently I have been wearing a particular shirt from Mark’s nonstop!

Mark's Levis denim immrfabulous Jeans Mens Fashion (1)

Seriously check any of my social media accounts over the last week and you’ll see that I wore the above shirt three out of the five days… Embarrassing… Or absolutely happy!

The shirt is the softest, most comfortable shirt I have ever worn in my entire life. And the quality and price point is absolutely unbeatable!

He will definitely be getting a Mark’s gift card for Christmas to pick out his favorite pattern.

And here’s the part where you’ll have a chance win all the items mentioned in this post!

From Shaw Charity Classic:
A special package valued at $350 that includes:
-(2) Weekly Badges *Valid Sept 2-4, 2016 (Includes admission into the Champions Club and the NEW 1516 Patio for an upgraded weekend at the event)
– Pin Flag autographed by 2014 Champion, Fred Couples (My brother is going to be so jealous!)
– (2) Sleeves of Shaw Charity Classic golf balls
– (2) Shaw Charity Classic ball markers

From Jack Black:
-Industrial Strenth Hand Healer
-Intense Therapy Lip Balm (my favourite product that I am never without)

From Marks:
-a generous Gift Card to purchase more then just 1 shirt!

For this giveaway you’ll have 3 ways to enter:

#1 Comment on out FaceBook page
and tell us who your hardest to shop for guy is!

#2 Tweet this
3 great gifts ideas for guys from @immrfabulous: @MarksCanada @ShawClassic & @GetJackBlack! Take a look.


#3 Just comment below:
Share 1 of your great gift ideas from this year… For Guys or Girls… Let’s generate some more ideas!

The winner will be randomly chosen on Saturday and prizes sent out in time for Christmas!

Finally a year where your guy and my brother will love everything under the tree!

Mr. Fab for men.

  1. Thanks for the great ideas! My super gift idea is the purchase of a commemorative brick from the old King Eddy to be displayed at the new National Music Center.

  2. I’m loving adult coloring books as a gift idea this year – great stocking stuffer. Thanks for the ideas Mr. Fab!

  3. A great stocking stuffer for older relatives is a pair of those ice cleats that slip onto the bottom of your boots. We’ve had two injuries among the seniors in my family already this winter from falls on the ice. 🙁 Everyone is getting ice cleats for Christmas! Great for dog walkers too!

  4. I love hitting up Lee Valley. They have great dad gift idea gadgets and things. Also top shop has fun Christmas socks did guys….easy stocking stuffers 🙂

  5. For guys and gals, a portable charger for when you aren’t near a power source. Or a fuzzy throw. My husband ADORES his for TV watching.
    For the cook, pucker by Gwendolyn Muir. I may have bought this for myself. 😉
    I am also downloading the Freshii app on my husbands phone and putting money on it for the days he forgets his lunch. ☺️

  6. I have absolutely no clue what to get a man for Christmas. I find it extremely frustrating. I recently had the exclusivity talk with a guy I was casually seeing, and now, I have to get him something for Christmas, and I don’t want to. It’s not the money. What does he want?? Night vision googles?? Speakers that look like rocks?? PJs? Beer???? I’m just going to get him some Jack Black from sephora. I’ve been lurking ‘askmen’ on reddit, and most men like Jack Black stuff.

    I think girls are extremely easy to shop for (obvious bias). Show me a girl that wouldn’t appreciate anything from Sephora, and I’ll show you a liar!!!!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Fiasco Gelato monthly delivery of 2 seasonal pints is the greatest gift for anyone. It says I love you all year long. I have a croquet ‘pint snugly’ delivered with the first order and there is no guilt eating right out of the pint! The added bonus is that I am supporting a local small business. Perfect Holiday gift but it has become my go to gift all year round!

  8. Hi Nicole! I sent you a private message on Twitter asking for your mailing address prior to Christmas. you never responded.
    Please send me your info and the PR firm will send it out

Looking forward to reading your comments!