The Best of the Sweets

October 17, 2015

Last night I gathered the troop and stormed through the doors at Calgary’s annual Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival.

We were all there on separate missions and I was there to taste the sweets!

Moscatos, Ports, Gelatos, flavoured Whiskey and Gins. If I thought it might be sweet, down the hatch it went!

Here are my top sweet choices from this year’s massive show (which I only managed to drink my way half through).

Bottega Moscato 


Hints of floral with a major effervescent, it was light, fresh and deliciously sweet.

Fonseca Porto, Terra Prima


This is the Portugal Wineries’ organic Port. Smooth and easy on the pallet.

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday host gift to get me, this is it!

Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack


If you’re about to tell me you don’t drink Jack… You’re wrong.

This is nothing like the brand’s traditional Tennessee whiskey.

This can be served warm, just toss the bottle in a bath of hot water.

Labeled Apple Whisky Punch, it tastes like a warm apple cider, not overly sweet and it’s packed full of flavour. It’s all sorts of epic goodness!

Pinnacle Sparkling Ice Cider 

Made in Quebec this product is Apple-tastic!

Tasting like a basket of fresh picked, crisp fall apples, it is rich in its flavor and like nothing else on the market.

Social Lite Lemon Cucumber Mint


80 calories, sugar free and quite possibly the best testing premixed canned adult beverage on the market.

I may start carrying a purse just so I can fill it with these guys!

At this year’s Rocky Mountain Wine & Food festival the vendors definitely brought their A-game!

An eclectic plethora of amazing products, too much to tackle over 1 night… Perhaps I’ll be back again today and tonight.

Mr. Fab still in bed

Looking forward to reading your comments!