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A New York Minute

August 26, 2015

There’a a story behind the saying “A New York Minute” and one of the most iconic luxury brands is involved!

In 1815 mobile time peices were a rarity and because household clocks needed to be constanly wound and set, New Yorkers needed a way to easily look to find the ‘New York minute’

Enter this impressive store clock which adorns the outside of the Tiffany & Co building on 5th Avenue in NYC.

The city’s central location they would set their time by.

Speed ahead 100 years and the world is still on Tiffany & Co. time.

And a few months ago I was invited behind closed doors to take a look at the famed jewelers newest collection of time pieces which will be sold around the world.

From battery operated to automatic; their new collection will have you keeping track of time… On your own time.

And the styles seem endless. Certainly something to appeal to all.

This one was made for me!

Tiffany & Co. Time pieces are not only beauty and function, they’re a coveted quality piece of jewelry that will be handed down for eternity.

Mr. Fab 

Looking forward to reading your comments!