Making the Mighty Angus

August 11, 2015

Yesterday I was invited into the kitchen of McDonald’s Canada for the unveiling of a Mighty new burger.

But I needed a ‘mighty’ guest, so I called up my good friend and Olympic medalist Shannon Rempel to be by my side.

And together we saw the creation of the ‘Mighty Angus‘!

This 100% Canadian Beef burger will be exclusively and permanently added to the menu in McDonald’s restaurants across Canada!

So what goes into this newest menu item?

It all starts with a unique sesame and poppy-seed bun that’s perfectly toasted. Then it’s a secret Angus sauce

As for what’s in the sauce, I’ll never know. But its creamy, smokey taste is enough to make me wish I could suck it out of the bottle like a baby calf.

Next it’s a healthy serving of hickory smoked bacon pieces, enough to make sure they’re included in every bite, then topped with the garden essentials and cheese.

But it’s not over yet…

It’s time for the sautéed onions!

And lastly it’s topped with a patty of 100% Canadian Angus Beef.

And what does this masterpiece taste like?

Like a new favourite I’ll be back for in the near future!

The Mighty Angus is a burger like no other that has ever graced the menu and it’s certainly something us Canadian McDonald’s lovers will be boasting about!

I know I will be!

Mr. Fab angus


Looking forward to reading your comments!