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Find Your Brow

August 4, 2015

Listen, I’ve seen a lot of brow types on my girlfriends over the years. Thick ones, thin ones, bushy ones and “where did you eyebrows go?” ones.

To be honest, I don’t know what’s going on and half the time, I don’t think my GFs know either.

Well it’s time for an intervention a I’ve got the perfect brow counsellor/spa rehab centre for you.

Welcome to Caryl Baker Visage.

This best kept secret in beauty spa-land has got it all; facials, lash extensions, makeup and skincare… But last week, when I checked out their newly opened (and first) spa in Calgary, Alberta – located in Sunridge Mall – I was most impressed with the brow turned wow that they gave my BFF Ashley.

A pretty blonde that hasn’t left her brow to jungle, Ashley wasn’t in need of much.

Her session was only 20 minutes and in that time she was able to sit down with a specialist, plan out her future perfect brow, have them documented, then shaped, tinted and filled with some pretty ingenious fiber makeup I’ve never seen before.

The total package was a mere $30 and she left with gawk-worthy eyebrows.

Being so fair, the tint made all the difference. It gave her already beautifully shaped brow the pow it needed to have her serving sexy face during her next Barre class.

Ashley had found her WOW brow and a service she admittedly was in love with at a price she was impressed with!

So if you’re looking to tame your eye-manes or just enhance the stunners you already have, I highly suggest a little VISAGE.

Mr. Fab row

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