July 21, 2015

This year’s Stampede was once again nothing less than exceptional.

As one of the world’s largest festivals, the 10 day event saw millions of people doning cowboy hats & boots… Having a ‘yahoo-ing’ good time!

This year I was able to share some of the amazing people and events that make the Calgary Stampede a noteworthy festival on Shaw’s Saddle Up as a reporter.

From deep frying a peanut butter & jelly sandwich to having my weight guessed, one of my favourite segments was being spun into oblivion with these kids.

But who can forget the greatest party that once again kicked off my 2015 Stampede.

The Fairmont Palliser breakfast.

Great food, endless mimosas and one of the best places to catch the parade!

Other exciting events and activities included the best afternoon BBQ with my friends at Field Law.

They always make sure to bring in the best talent to perform…

This year year was Brett Kissel.

Then there was the foods of the fair… Away from the fair.

After a year of recipe testing, my collaboration with Tutti Frutti was finally perfected and Fro-Yo lovers flocked to try our frozen Mini Doughnut delight.

And after my tummy was satisfied, it was time for me to host Bikini Espy.

Undeniably the most unique charitable fundraiser of the year.

The concept is simple. Donate a minimum $250 to the Calgary Special Olympics, then strip down to your bikini (show the world that your proud of who you are) and then be dressed by a team of stylists in $750 worth of new clothing.

Then 80 beautiful women and dozens of Special Olympian Athletes took to the street in their own spectacular parade to celebrate the days achievements.

And let’s not forget the amazing musical events of the year…

The Oxford Stomp and The Stampede Round Up!

2 music filled days/nights which brought to a close by Sheryl Crow and Journey.

2 perfect events with exceptional performances.

But as they saying goes, “All Good things must come to an end.”

The chucks, rodeo and grandstand show were amazing!…

But it was the wonderful friends and gracious invites that made it so memorable.

Thanks for another unforgettable year!

Mr. Fab 

Looking forward to reading your comments!