Jack’s on FIRE

July 16, 2015

One of my favourite memories growing up was walking to the corner store with my brother to buy 5 cent candies.

In our bag you’d find a mixture of Blue Whales (the 1980’s version, not these yucky modern ones), Mojos, Fuzzy Peaches and Hot Lips.

20 candies for $1.00; There was no better way to spend our allowance!

But that was the past and now sitting around with my bro eating a bag of sugary candies seems silly; We needed to find something new and exciting!

Enter this guy:

Mr. Jeff Arnett, Jack Daniel’s 7th and current Master Distiller!
But what does he have to do with re-living our childhood?

No, not a blurry photo that looks like it’s been taken by a kid…. The bottle! Jack Daniel’s Tennessee FIRE!

The newest product in Whiskey from the 1875 Lynchburg Tennessee brand!

Last week, I was invited to sit down with Jeff to sample his newest wares which have just been realness to the Canadian market and I was deliciously impressed.

A little bit spicy and a whole lot of sweet, it was basically a liquid form of my favourite childhood memory.

And now, my brother and I can officially trade in our brown paper bags of candy for something a bit more refined.

We’ve found our new grown up treat!

Mr.Fab fire

Looking forward to reading your comments!