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Toronto’s Pan American Games Opening Ceremony

July 15, 2015

A Calgarian back in ’88, I know the buzz a city can create around large sporting events.


The PanAm Games happening now in Toronto are very, very large.

41 countries.

51 sports.

10,000 athletes, coaches and officials.

3,000 torch bearers.

23,000 volunteers.

July 7-26, and August 7-15 for the ParaPanAm Games

This is the largest multi-sporting event ever held in Canada.

I get easily struck with Olympic fever, so having this much world-class competition readily at my fingertips is all too much.

It all started for me with this amazing TV spot, over and over:

So when I was given a ticket to the rehearsal for the Opening Ceremonies created by Canada’s Cirque du Soleil, I couldn’t stop imagining how it would be… For weeks I imagined Beijing Olympics caliber synchronization paired with the creativity only Cirque du Soleil can bring.

The opening ceremony took two years to plan and integrated professionals and volunteers. Oh yes, this was going to be amazing.

Held at the Air Canada Centre (‘The Skydome’), I knew the venue would be perfect… Now, how was the performance?!

Hosted by CBC Toronto’s Anne-Marie Mediwake and Dwight Drummond, the show, regrettably started a whisper slowly… It was just a rehearsal, I had to keep that in mind!

CBC_PersonalitiesPremier Kathleen Wynne was also present, Mayor John Tory gave a speech… People were fading, the energy was being sucked out of the audience…

Then – Michael ‘Pinball’ Clemons, ex-Toronto Argo, pro crowd-hyper took the stage and continued to whip us all into a frenzy. This guy can pep.


Then (finally) the lights dimmed, the music started and we were off!


Over two hours of performance, iconic Canadian athletes, song and celebration of sport.

A nice introduction to what the legacy of these Games will bring to Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the PanAmericas. Was it Beijing-calibre?… Well, you can be the judge by watching it here.

Over 300 million people watched the opening ceremonies and I hope the show represented how great these games are turning out to be.


Go sports! Go competition! Go Team Canada!

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