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TABASCO® Sauce and Toronto’s Group of Seven Chefs

July 9, 2015

I’ve never been to Louisiana, but last night my taste buds took a first class flight thanks to TABASCO® Sauce and Toronto’s Group of Seven Chefs.


Avery Island, Louisiana is the birthplace and home of TABASCO. A teeny tiny island steeped in hot sauce history. The Group of Seven Chefs travelled there to learn all about the sauce, the history, and the process of creating such a distinct and fiery concoction known the world over.

Seven of Canada’s Top Chefs make up this elite squad: Chris Brown of Citizen Catering, Scott Vivian from Beast, Bertrand Alépée from The Tempered Room, Nick Liu from DaiLo, Dustin Gallagher from Peoples Eatery, Steve Gonzalez from Valdez and Anthony Walsh from Canoe.


Coming back to Canada, they were challenged in creating seven original dishes all using TABASCO in unique ways. And I was lucky enough to taste them all!

1. Chris Brown’sAvery Island Salt Crusted Wild Boar, Biscuit, White Gravy and Slaw

It doesn’t get more ‘Southern Inspired’ than this. Biscuits AND white gravy. Mercy!


2. Scott Vivian’sBoudin Balls with TABASCO sauce, pickled celery, chilled collard greens and potlicker Aioli.

I would lick the pot for these balls.


3. Bertrand Alépée’sCroissant Po’Boy, TABASCO Chipotle Sauce, Pulled Chicken, Apple Rémoulade

A little bit of French chic mixed with some chickeny heat.


4. Nick Liu’sLobster Boudin with Tomato and TABASCO Sauce Dashi, Pickled Honey Mushrooms and Wasabi Garden Peas

Nick is one of my favourite Toronto Chef’s and his creation did not disappoint.


5. Dustin Gallagher’sOlive Oil Corn Cake, Corn Sorbet, Salted TABASCO Sauce Caramel Corn

At first you’re like ‘Oh yum, caramel corn’. Then the heat hits you like a Mac truck and thank goodness for the cooling corn ice-cream of dreams.

I loved this dish…and may have had seconds.


6. Steve Gonzalez’sUn Cesar Con Garniture Snow Crab, Tomato, TABASCO Sauce, Clam, Black Pepper, Horseradish, Raw and Pickled Vegetables, Latino 5 Spice and Corn Chip Cilantro.

The title, like the dish, is quite the mouthful. This wins for most attractive.


7. Anthony Walsh’sFogo Island Crab and Duck Gumbo, Salted TABASCO Sauce Corn Bits.

Now, I saved the best for last. This dish was a symphony. Smoky, spicy, deep, sweet. All at once. I loved it, and the process to create it.

Check out the flames for the crab meat:


And voila, the final product. Admittedly, not much to look at, but I would seriously give up my favourite pair of shoes to eat this again.


Now, to wash it all down, there were some phenomenal cocktails. I am one to get excited over a cocktail and these were some first class beverages. TABASCO flavoured foam!


The Cesar was a meal in itself – garnished with shrimp, corn, sausage and potato… like Gumbo on a stick.


The crowd partied like it was a hot Lousiana night with more shooters than should be available on a Tuesday night.


Now, to take part in this Louisiana-style party, follow @TabascoCanada on Instagram to see more, behind-the-scenes photos of the event and the Chef’s trip to Avery Island.

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