Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel

June 29, 2015

There’s something new & exciting happening in the world of wine!

Last week I had the opportunity to lunch with one of the Australian wine makers behind Jacob’s Creek where he brought me Canada’s first look and taste of their new Double Barrel Shiraz!

So how does this product differ from other Shiraz on the market?

Jacob’s Creek is the first winery to take premium red wine and partially age it in Whiskey Barrels.

And what that’s done for its taste is incredible!

First they produce a Shiraz (pictured above) which is never sold to the market using the winery’s traditional methods and casked in Oak Barrels.

Then, after 15 months, it’s moved into 20 year old whiskey barrels where it sits for 9-12 weeks.

So what does that extra step and unique process do to the texture and mouth feel of this Shiraz?

It takes it from being a ‘kicky’ plum and turns it into a tumble dryer full of delicates.

Silky, smooth and rounded. The perfect for a classy dinner party with friends!

I’ve been a long time fan of Jacob’s Creek fruity, effervescent Moscato and now with their newest edition of Double Barrel, my guests will have a second choice when it comes to wine selection in my home!
They’ve certainly created something very special!

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrrel will hit the Canadian market late July/early August. And retail for an unbelievably affordable price (as rumours have it: $19.99-ish).

Mr. Fab creek

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