I ‘CRAVE’ it all!

June 12, 2015

In 2004, what I believe to be the best ‘cupcake‘ bakery shop in the world, Crave Cupcakes opened in Calgary, Alberta.

The shop was simple; Single tiered cake stands adorned with brightly coloured and perfectly iced cupcakes.


And for the last 10 years, besides special orders, the shop and immediate availability of product had pretty much stayed the same.

Because really, when you make something so good, why stray?!

But 2015 has brought major change to the shop and a few days ago I was invited to take a peek at what was new!

Spoiler alert: It’s A LOT and it’s over the top!


Crave’s original Kensington location will now be stocking their display case with cakes, squares, pies, loafs and cookies. 

All available for immediate purchase.  

And if you happen to love early mornings, they’re inviting you in for a Monogram Coffee

And the chance to pick up a fresh baked scone, cinnamon twists or a loaf slice! 

I kid you not, Crave’s Cheddar Scone is so insanely good, you’ll be doing back flips down the street! 

So what else will they be whipping up all day long?

Here’s a bit of what you can expect to see! 

And there will be plenty of big dandy like this (that I wish I would have cut in to!)

Seriously, forget the fork or knife, I wish I would have face planted it! 

The entire menu has me absolutely overjoyed!

I will no longer know Crave as only the best ‘cupcake‘ bakery in the world, I will just simply know and refer to them as the most delicious and best bakery in the world! 

Trust me, if you have a quality sweet tooth like me, it’s time to grab a trolley and head into the newly piloted project at the Kensington location and get your treat on!

I’ll be there… And hopefully there will be something left for you!

Mr. Fab eats

Looking forward to reading your comments!