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April 10, 2015

There are 35 Cirque du Soleil shows around the world, and last night I was able to attend the opening of one of the newest!

Cirque Kurios

Not yet 1-year-old, Cirque’s KuriosCabinet of Curiosities takes its audience on an incredible journey of time travel into a world where the seemingly impossible is possible.

The skilled acrobatic performances have you hanging on the edge of your seat, holding your breath and clenching your teeth while the humour from the clowning has you laughing out loud.

Kurios Calgary

The modern-day ‘Worlds Worst Tinder Date’ performance where an unexpected show-goer was brought on to stage might just be my favourite part of any Cirque show to date!

That being said, there were hundreds of moments that left me loudly applauding and cheering out loud; Much like the rest of the audience.


A few days prior to last night’s opening in Calgary, I was invited back stage for a training moment with Hand Balancing Artist Andrii Bondarenkosee to see if I could cut the mustard as a Cirque performer.


And what I learnt is that some things are best left to the professionals, most of whom have been training since childhood.

The show’s performers never miss a beat.

Then there’s the costumes and set; Perfectly designed, imaginative and creative!

Cirque once again offers brilliantly perfected performances in Kurios. There are dozens of surprises and a story line that keeps things incredibly unique and fresh.

The show is currently on its North American leg touring in Calgary, AB now until May 24th.


This is a Cirque show that can not be missed! 

Mr.Fab cabinet of fabulousness

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