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Paul & Joe Beauté Now in Canada

April 2, 2015

Launched in 2002, and now finally in Canada, Paul & Joe Beauté has become a cult favourite in Japan. Popular for products like their foundation primer, cleansing system and a unique fragrance in their cosmetics line.


All of Paul & Joe Beauté’s cosmetics harness the scent of Orange Blossom. Distinct in its crispness, orange is the perfect combination of refreshing and relaxing.

Following the success the Paul & Joe fashion line, what I love so much about their line of beauty products are three things:

1. Fashionable personalization

Paul & Joe has incredibly charming packaging – from feminine to seasonally chic. Currently the only cosmetics line who offers personalized packaging. Using patterns from their seasonal runway fashion collection, you can swap your shadow or lipstick into another, fashionably designed container. So, now you can choose the colour you love and choose a package design to suit your taste.


2. A timeless approach

Investing in timeless cosmetic pieces, much like investing in that great coat you’ll wear season to season, is how Paul & Joe has started to approach beauty products. Instead of using then tossing your compact, they have designed reusable, beautiful and timeless compacts. Easily allowing you to swap in new product when it’s time to retire your old. Treating makeup containers like beautiful collectables, something you carry with you that makes a statement, season after season.

3. Did I mention the fabulous smell?

When shown the product line, I couldn’t help but sniff like a dog around a steak dinner. I couldn’t get enough; Shamelessly taking deep inhales of my hands like that weird creep on the subway you always end up sitting next to.

I was that creep. The hand-sniffing weirdo.

But, trust me – once you catch a whiff of that Orange Blossom, you’ll be obsessed. Their liquid foundations have the deepest level of scent, never overpowering, but just right.


From their packaging to their timeless sensibilities, I am a fan of Paul & Joe. Currently in BC and Alberta at select Shopper’s Drug Marts, they debut in Ontario April 16th in Toronto’s Bloor West neighbourhood with expansion to other parts of Eastern Canada soon.

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